Friday, April 26, 2013

Solo Book Club

Greetings folks! Happy Friday! Even if it is not a pay day one. This week has been good. Nothing too hard to handle in life. On Wednesday, due to my boyfriend's tutor session being canceled, we made a trip to Barnes & Nobles. So if you know me, I don't read books very often. It is not that I suck at reading, it is that I am very picky. I believe books find a way to me when there is a valid reason in my life for them to be purposeful. I feel like this about movies too, but I watch a lot more films, than read books. When I do reach for a book, it is more informational than fiction. I like to research topics that interest me. If I am going to read fiction, I rather write it myself lol!
     In this trip to the bookstore I went browsing the discount shelves. Books on film, music, crafts or even sugar daddies interest me. Yeah I almost purchased this book about a woman's quest to find a sugar daddy. I might just go back and get it lol. After scouting other possible selections, I wandered into the psychology section. Textbook worth ones I found, but to my surprise some books were appealing in a practical way. You could classify them as self-help books based on psychological theories. One book stood out to me.
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
This text explores the "flow" theory of life. Which is reaching conciseness to the point of heighten and genuine enjoyment within various situations in life. Basically,  living in the moment. Being fully aware of the experience and having control. Control in the realm of perspective. I am only twenty pages deep into this book, but my philosophy concepts are clicking away! I am all about the flow. 
I will be giving some updates on my journey into this subject and a final thought when I finish the book.  Until then, research what tickles your mind and devour subjects that give you reason and rhyme. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bike ride

"Get on your bikes and ride!" 
The lyric is from the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. The song is a favorite with my best friend and I . Every time I heard it I want to get on a bike and ride! Above is a picture of the bike that I recently got from my boyfriend. He will we be starting grad school in the Fall and wanted invest in biking to campus. This summer he wanted to develop his bike skills and get in shape. This bike he received from his father. After some consideration, the bike wasn't a good fit for him. He decided to purchase a new bike and gave me the old one. I love it! It fits me pretty well and riding isn't so bad. I'm still learning the rules of biking, living in a college town. See the Gator flag in the picture. Go Gators! 
Today I took the bike for a spin down a near by street that has a bike lane and is pretty shaded. It was a quick trip and worked up a sweat, I'm a beginner here. 
My goal is to bike at least 3 times a week. Increasing my distance each time. Biking is a great workout. It get your heart rate pumping and you get to enjoy nature! I never did like biking in a gym, going no where. Check out this biking calculator - it will tell you how many calories you burned during your ride. 

Let me go all motherly. I strongly encourage biking safety measures. Know the bike law in your town. Always assume that cars are not aware of the rules and use caution.  Biking on the sidewalk isn't the best when there are pedestrians walking, they are rights too. Try to use the bike lanes provided. A helmet that fits is key. Proper clothes and shoes will provide support. Here is a general example of what to wear. 

Bike Ride

Forever 21 scoop neck tank / adidas activewear, $41 / adidas sports bra / L. Erickson / Oakley eyewear, $245 / Coppertone / Women's Schwinn Thrasher Helmet -

Monday, April 22, 2013

Icona Pop

These Swedish DJ ladies are awesome. If you watch Girls on HBO then you have heard of their smash dance hit "I love it" in season two when Hannah goes crazy on cocaine. You can't help but dance with this song comes on or rattle off the lyrics. "You're so damn hard to please, we gotta to kill this switch You're from the 70s and I'm a 90s b*tch," is one of my personal favorites. The video is a dance filled, outfit killing, girl power frenzy. 
 I love their style too!
Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo dress as they please. Edgy, androgynous, strong and rocking is how I would describe these ladies' style. 
They are worth checking out! Here is a Playlist of their Iconic EP

In Bloom

Happy Monday! Hoping it is a mellow and not a manic Monday. Had a wonderful breakfast at the Flying Biscuit with friends this morning. Tofu scramble was delicious! Today I decided to brighten up this not so Spring day with my outfit!

This flora dress is a steal at $10 from Wal-Mart! It is a little on the short side, so tights were a must in order to wear this to work. Flats are from Old Navy and so in the cardigan. I love that cardigan, it goes well with everything. My best friend has one in coral. Now for the accessories!
I made this earrings!
Made this bracelet too!

This is the hair style I choose. Which is a pony braid. Easy and with make for wavy hair later. I kept the makeup simple, mascara and glossy lips. The dress does all the speaking!

Below is a general example of this In Bloom outfit idea to make Spring present!
In Bloom

Dorothy Perkins petite top / Topshop ankle strap sandal / Warehouse bag, $55 / Plastic bracelet / Tom Binns tear drop earrings

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rainy Day Comfort

If you live in the same region as me, then you woke up to not so fun weather. Rainy and cold, but it is Spring. Right? So what to wear on this lazy Sunday? My requirement is comfort with a bit of style. Here is my example of what will do the trick. A printed short is a trend I like! A pair can go with all your basic tops. Dress them down with a tee or up with a blazer. Tights are a great addition for fighting the chillness. Any shoe like a boot, sneaker, or flat can work. Don't go too crazy with eye makeup. Finally a messy bun will always work with the rain. Rainy Day Comfort

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Back!!!!

It has been a while! I was busy living life. Oh boy was it fun and such a learning experience. Now that I  am older (24, which according to my friend's roommate is still a baby lol) and wiser it is time to figure out which dream to make a reality. I'm still narrowing down my crazy list. Which at one point had a race car driver, cop, actor, songwriter, lawyer, teacher and housewife all on the list. Some of those are still valid. I'm at the stage in my life to make an impact. Some form of impact on society that is fueled by my passion and approved by my soul. This is where I struggle. My vision is still blurry and I need to  swipe it clean. Friends, family and a wonderful partner surely help. I support them as they gallop towards the awesomeness that calls them. Try to picture that and maybe a unicorn or two.  Back to reason. This blog is meant to not only to be a way of taming my thoughts, but also to give the outside a look in. I would hope that my postings here could reflect in others lives. The whole circle of life thing. Yeah Lion King! Go 90s kids! Anyway, so what to expect in this blog titled Roxybluemoon. First, the title is something of trademark. I hope to carry it through for a brand, band, or company name in the future. Fingers crossed!! Second, philosophy in the form of fashion, film, and music will be present! I like going to sleep, only to wake up to put on the day's outfit. It is a sickness! Fashionistas would agree. Clothes can dictate my attitude for the day. Film I was drawn to in school, with the classes I took about theory, culture and style in the subject. Visual arousal(don't get dirty on me lol) has been the preferred method for my mind and soul.  Music is something that can cure or awake emotions in my life. I guess it does for a lot of people. 90s music in the realm of rock has been a staple of mine. Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana and others take me to this mental euphoria that I can't always explain. I do have tendencies to writes songs, but their purpose is unknown from their birth on a sheet of paper.  Music also has another hold on me or should I say control. Dancing is awesome! To the music of the moment my body will follow and do its thing. My friends have been witness to this. To them I say sorry, but you were warned. lol Back to the blog. Here are some links to various accounts of mine that will provide you with a spectrum of the vision I have for life. 
Now, this is a lot of information to process and I will be posting things to this blog, hopefully tomorrow! Until then, have a dream and seek it out! 
With Love, Roxanne!