Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bike ride

"Get on your bikes and ride!" 
The lyric is from the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. The song is a favorite with my best friend and I . Every time I heard it I want to get on a bike and ride! Above is a picture of the bike that I recently got from my boyfriend. He will we be starting grad school in the Fall and wanted invest in biking to campus. This summer he wanted to develop his bike skills and get in shape. This bike he received from his father. After some consideration, the bike wasn't a good fit for him. He decided to purchase a new bike and gave me the old one. I love it! It fits me pretty well and riding isn't so bad. I'm still learning the rules of biking, living in a college town. See the Gator flag in the picture. Go Gators! 
Today I took the bike for a spin down a near by street that has a bike lane and is pretty shaded. It was a quick trip and worked up a sweat, I'm a beginner here. 
My goal is to bike at least 3 times a week. Increasing my distance each time. Biking is a great workout. It get your heart rate pumping and you get to enjoy nature! I never did like biking in a gym, going no where. Check out this biking calculator - it will tell you how many calories you burned during your ride. 

Let me go all motherly. I strongly encourage biking safety measures. Know the bike law in your town. Always assume that cars are not aware of the rules and use caution.  Biking on the sidewalk isn't the best when there are pedestrians walking, they are rights too. Try to use the bike lanes provided. A helmet that fits is key. Proper clothes and shoes will provide support. Here is a general example of what to wear. 

Bike Ride

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