Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hello all! Sorry for not posting in like 3 weeks. Things in life got the better of my attention. Above, you will notice a video. I decide to vlog, which is a video blog. You get to see the girl behind the posts. I rather enjoyed making the video. Sorry about the low sound, I need a better microphone.
     I mentioned a job website called Indeed. Check it out if you are searching for career jobs. My area listed plenty of jobs from the university, hospital and other great companies. I also spoke about AmeriCorps, which is a great opportunity to be involved in national community service that makes a huge impact.
     Today I found a great article on Thought Catalog titled "21 More Dating Truth We Need to Realize."  Number 18 is something I always believe in. I realized this past week, that you don't have to improve yourself by running away and abandoning the whole situation. You just have to redefine, set new rules and expectations. Communication is real key in relationships, but also evolving. Making sure each of you are aware of the others needs and individual goals. The other can be there to provide support and keep you from dragging yourself down during stressful times. It is great when your partner accepts you for who you are and inspires you to be better. I didn't want to give that up just because I was scared of my own devices.
     Now for a fashion note. Today I went  for Spring comfort. Wearing black and white polka dot short, a neon green shirt and red lips, I feel awesome! The lipstick is from NYC City Duet 2 in 1 lipcolor in The Red Hot color combination. It is a mixture of the two reds. My hair style is a simple side braid with a polka dot bow in the back, matches my shorts! Below is a Polyvore set that I created to show you a similar look.


81 Hours cotton shirt, $32 / Rebecca Taylor high-rise shorts / Stuart Weitzman flat sandals / Mulberry over the shoulder bag / Mint jewelry / Michael Kors stainless steel ring

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Insight Channels

As I get my day started or any day for the that matter, I like to review some of my favorite sites. Besides Facebook, there are other windows of information that require me to scroll down and click away! Before I even get started, Songza is where I first explore. It is a music streaming provider. I'll always be a fan of Pandora, but Songza is different. You listen to playlists that represent different moods, activates and genres. For example, if you need breakup music or driving on a road trip. Right now I am listening to AFI's Greatest Film Scores. It is really epic to write to or really any daily activity.

After finding the right music to browse the web with, my next stop is Yahoo. Yes I enjoy Yahoo! I can see if there is any breaking news. Can't always rely on Facebook friends for that lol! I make the effort to scroll through the news blocks and clicking any story that grabs my attention. Yahoo OMG! is where I can found out if Selena Gomez is back with Justin Bieber and other celebrity gossip. I believe she is better off single lol. Yahoo Shine is another favorite of mine. It has articles featuring fashion, food, relationships and even pets.

Have you heard of Buzzfeed? If not, go check it out! This site has keep me sane during long work days. It is a hodge-podge of editorial articles and highly entertaining lists, like 35 dumbest things ever said on Facebook. I could and have spend hours on that site.

If I am in a fashion mood which is all the time, I click over to Refinery 29. Here is how they describe themselves.

"Refinery29 isn't just about fashion- it's a lens for millions of women, everyday, to discover their lest personal style and feel as good as they look. Through award-winning original programming, Refinery29 connects a fast-growing audience of users with content, commerce, and community, giving them all the tips, tricks, and tools they need to live a more beautiful life- and share it with the world."

Its fashion and culture leaves me informed and inspired. Just browsed their entry of Spring Shoes, I want them all! Another fashion site that offers some great tips is College Fashion. It might be tailored towards co-eds, but the outfit ideas they suggest can be taken beyond the classroom. Beauty articles and others with practical information about the college experience are very reader worthy.

Thought Catalog is a best keep secret, but it shouldn't be! This site offers some of the most raw and proactive articles about life revolving around twenty-somethings. Each day tons of new articles of varying subjects are posted. Today's article titled "18 Ways to Be a Better Best Friend," is ironic because I had to cut my best friend date short for tomorrow night. My excuse involves seeing a sneak peek of Iron Man 3 Thursday at 9 pm. Valid right? I promise to make it up to her. Kattie forgive me please lol! Anyway, just like Thought Catalog on Facebook, it is an easy way for links to their interesting articles to pop up in your news feed.

There you have some sites to occupy your mind with facts, lists, outfit ideas, and articles that will make you go "Uh." Please tell me about some of your go to sites, just leave a link and a comment.