Friday, April 26, 2013

Solo Book Club

Greetings folks! Happy Friday! Even if it is not a pay day one. This week has been good. Nothing too hard to handle in life. On Wednesday, due to my boyfriend's tutor session being canceled, we made a trip to Barnes & Nobles. So if you know me, I don't read books very often. It is not that I suck at reading, it is that I am very picky. I believe books find a way to me when there is a valid reason in my life for them to be purposeful. I feel like this about movies too, but I watch a lot more films, than read books. When I do reach for a book, it is more informational than fiction. I like to research topics that interest me. If I am going to read fiction, I rather write it myself lol!
     In this trip to the bookstore I went browsing the discount shelves. Books on film, music, crafts or even sugar daddies interest me. Yeah I almost purchased this book about a woman's quest to find a sugar daddy. I might just go back and get it lol. After scouting other possible selections, I wandered into the psychology section. Textbook worth ones I found, but to my surprise some books were appealing in a practical way. You could classify them as self-help books based on psychological theories. One book stood out to me.
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
This text explores the "flow" theory of life. Which is reaching conciseness to the point of heighten and genuine enjoyment within various situations in life. Basically,  living in the moment. Being fully aware of the experience and having control. Control in the realm of perspective. I am only twenty pages deep into this book, but my philosophy concepts are clicking away! I am all about the flow. 
I will be giving some updates on my journey into this subject and a final thought when I finish the book.  Until then, research what tickles your mind and devour subjects that give you reason and rhyme. 

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